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The curriculum of the study program of the Specialist Professional Studies lasts for one year i.e. two semesters. It has four core curriculum one-semester courses and four elective modules. Each module has three obligatory courses and one elective block. All courses are one-semester ones. A student has to pass the total of eight exams, including professional practice within a module and to elaborate the final paper.

The number of active teaching classes within the study program is 600 classes, out of which 315 classes are theoretical lectures and 285 classes are practical lectures and exercises.

Out of the total number of ECTS credits of the study program (60), the core curriculum courses carry the weight of the total of 23 credit points. Obligatory courses within the elective module carry the weight of 15 bcredit points, while the elective courses, including the final paper, carry the weight of 18 credit points (30%). Professional practice within a module carries the weight of 4 credit points. One of obligatory courses of the elective module of Sport is the continuance of the program from the basic professional studies: Theory and practice of a sports branch 4.

Elective courses are within one elective block, at which a student chooses one of the two offered courses. The elective courses within a module carry the weight of 13 credit points for the final paper, plus 5 credit points for the core elective course, which satisfies the criteria for the second level studies. Bearing in mind that the studies have four elective modules, all elective courses at the Specialist Professional Studies carry the weight of 33 credit points (55%), plus four credit points for the professional practice within a module.

Specifications and detailed specifications of courses are provided in the Program specification of the Specialist Professional Studies and they consist of the name of the course, names of professors and associates, the status and the code of the course, number of allocated ECTS credits, semester, weekly and yearly number of classes, the description of the course, prerequisites that should be met if a student wants to attend a course, the aim of the course with the expected outcomes, contents of the course, a plan or a timetable by weeks, reference books, methods of teaching, types of tests and grading, as well as all other data on organization of classes and information for students about their rights and obligations.



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